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Have Fun While You Spy Mobile Phone of Your Employee

Never think that you are dull. Never think that you are incapable of doing anything. Controlling your employees is the problem of almost everyone and not just you. If you have issues with your employees not following your orders and then acting as if they are the most loyal beings to ever serve you, even then you feel free to relax. With the help of a mobile phone spy StealthGenie, you can spy mobile phone of your employees without any headache.


How is StealthGenie helpful?



I am sure everyone would love a cool and user-friendly mobile phone spy that provides you access to the complete mobile phone data of your employees including their GPS location at any time you want. You wouldn’t be disappointed to know that your employee would not even have a clue that their mobile phone is being monitored. This is because StealthGenie runs in the back of your employee’s mobile phone without them even knowing about it.



How to get started with StealthGenie?



To get started with StealthGenie, you need to go to first and register for an account with them. Once you have received your log-in details from StealthGenie, you download this software in your employee’s mobile phone and monitor their phone from anywhere in the world.






This mobile phone spy works best with the following cell phones in the industry:


  • iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models.

  • BlackBerry Storm, Pearl, Bold, Curve, Torch and other models having an operating system of 4.6 or more.

  • All Android phones from Google, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and others having an operating system of 2.1 or more.



With StealthGenie you can:


  • Monitor all the calls made to and from your employee’s mobile phone including the time and duration of each call.

  • Access all the SMS messages sent, received and saved by your employee on their mobile phone.

  • Trace the exact location of your employee at any time you want. This feature is known as ‘Geo tracking’ and it works with the help of the GPS in your employee’s mobile phone.

  • Record the surroundings of your employee’s mobile phone whenever you want to. This feature is known as ‘Live Surroundings’.

  • Access all the emails of your employee.

  • View all the contact numbers in your employee’s mobile Phonebook.

A priceless feature:


StealthGenie provides you with a priceless feature of its.This feature is known as“The Remote control”. The ‘Remote Control’ feature literally gives the control of your employee’s mobile phone in your hands. With just one click you can backup and wipe data from your employee’s phone and even lock their phone with a passcode of your choice.



All happy:

StealthGenie helps you spy mobile phone of your employee with such ease that you actually start enjoying it. No more tensions now, no more anxiety; all you get is happiness with the help of StealthGenie.


Post by techchick (2012-08-03 08:18)

Tags: spy mobile phone

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